PCR Realtime Portable Pockit

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POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a powerful point-of-need PCR detection tool that combines advanced insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction (iiPCR) technology. With its high sensitivity/specificity, user-friendly interface and short turn-around time, POCKIT™ can offer clinical diagnostic laboratory, veterinarian and breeding industry an effective solution for disease surveillance..

Innovative Technology

Based on insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) technology

High Sensitivity and Specificity

Sensitivity and specificity equivalent to real-time PCR with the analytical sensitivity up to 10 copies per reaction.

Fast Point-of-Need Detection

Quick turn-around time, with PCR result ready within 1 hour.

Easy to Use

• One-touch operation without programming.
• Automated PCR data interpretation.


Compact design for easy transportation.

Specification :
POCKIT iiPCR - real time device
Dual channel fluorescence detection (FAM and JOE)
Single or universal program to finish
Real-time PCR within 50 minutes
Touch panel control
Automatic data interpretation'
Throughput: 1 to 8 samples per run
1  unit Cubee Mini-centrifuge,
3-in1 rotor for 0.2-2.0ml tubes including the R-tubes
2 unit adjustable micropipettes (5-50ul and 100-1000ul)
1 set  Avian Influenza A or H5 or PRRSV-CN or Salmonella spp or IBV or CIAV 
1 box PetNaD Nucleic Acid Co-Prep   
2 box Pipette filter tips for 200 ul and 1000 ul